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kotatsu lover LOL

so cute xD

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-Bu LOVE

I only want to say that, Terashii will take a part here =w=

A femine looking guy =w= it remind me of Snake’s Emily xD

I can hear more of Terashii’s femine voice, that’s great~xD

Ayakashi Gohan - Characters introducing(by me)

OKAY, tonight is Ayakashi Gohan’s characters introducing(by me)
Let’s start!!


・Gin: A fox, already married, great cook, untouchable.
・Tsuzuri: Gin’s son, super cute, way too cute, love drawings.
・Uta: Older twins, actually is a guardian lion-dog, meat lover, tsundere idiot.
・Yomi: Younger twins, vegetables lover, serious brat.
・Manatsu: shotacon, actually is an exorcist, bad at stopping the bike.
・Haginosuke: bright idiot, lonely guy.
・Suou: lazy nekomata, kotatsu lover, dishonest brat.
・Asagi: way too mysterious (my love).
・Kamisama: childish old man in a kid form.


I’ll only introduce these people. Game’s impressions will be post later when I finished the game……..


「Ayakashi Gohan」Review/Impressions

Hello, this is the first time I doing this. Because the story itself so good so I want everyone to know about it. If you can, I recommend you play it first before you read any review(mine or other’s).

So, let’s start.


The story was about a girl name Akane Rin. Whose father died when she was a child and her mother keep working so she’s always alone. Then a day her grandmother came and take her to her house in Momiji Village on summer vacation. There she met Gin-san, an ayakashi(yes, a fox) She can sees ayakashi.

There is two different route: Ayakashi and Human. The ayakashi’s route is include Yomi, Manatsu, Asagi. The human’s route: Uta, Haginosuke, Suou.

・Yomi and Uta is the twins guardian dogs at Momiji village’s shrine. Uta is the older brother.

・Haginosuke is a human who has interested in ayakashi and is living in Momiji shrine.

・Suou is an nekomata, nothing else….and his voice is a bit annoying(like Takumi from Storm Lovers)………

・Gin-san, a fox who working in Pon-poko-rin(heroine’s grandmother shop) He’s great at cooking~ His son is Tsuzuri, 7 years old who is appear later(too cute….) Untouchable character.

・Manatsu, a human. He has been delivering ingredients to Ponpokorin. His older sister is Gin’s wife. But unfortunately died young.

・And the last, Asagi. A mystery guy who keep appear and disappear.


So that I started with ayakashi route. Unfortunately, got bad end at first…….the ending was too hard to understand….Then I kept playing.

Also, there is a thing that I need to say, if you want to play Asagi’s route, you MUST done with other’s route first. So that when you done Asagi’s route, play the other’s best end again because there will be a little change.



*凛ーRin(the heroine)/Me(It’s fine not to read this part)

Yaah~ I got interested in this game when I found it in Rejet’s website. Then I opened Character page, listened to all characters’s voice. Then I found the one I like the most, Asagi. His voice make me feel calm down.

Game-downloading→so bored because the internet hate me…keep downloading failed. But then finally done. Game’s sounds is good. Anyway, FULL VOICE!! YEAH!! (I’ve been playing Akaya akashiya ayakashi no, 0% VOICE!!)

Rin is a fine name so I didn’t changed it. So that all characters will call me by that name. This heroine is much better than OZMAFIA’s heroine.

The next thing I know is, there is none of Gin-san’s route! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



*詠ーYomi. He is a guy who lost trust in human. A serious guy, vegetables lover!! (Eat more meat please!)


The first route I played. It was because I got in ayakashi’s route. Went to “good end” by myself~(great eventhough I thought it was best end………) The first time when I saw him and heard him talking, I already know how will he become(laugh). The story is better than I think so I kept on his route.

In his route, there was a part that the heroine got teased by Yomi as he kept asking about what a human couple would do in Christmas day. As the heroine have no way to get out and answer his question, he held her and keep ask if there is nothing left. Then she answered that the couple will k-kiss….and he move his face close to her but then tell me “baka.” (I’m dokidoki too >< no good for my health, baka Yomi). When the other noticed them in the yard and come to see what happened, she’s got mad and ran away. Well well, I can see a lot of blushing Yomi (Ô v Ô) Unexpected cute guy…….Good End and Best End’s end is quite the same, nothing much, they’re just happy together, done.

Yomi’s angry part was good ( ´∀`) There was a part that confused me because Yomi suddenly said that “he died” and if it’s Rin then she will understand someday(but, understand what??).


Sad end, I like it (´ω`) when Yomi’s mad with the heroine because she go to the tengu as she promised to that ayakashi that if he release those girl he kidnapped just because the heroine didn’t want to be his bride…(that tengu guy said that he saw Rin near the sakura tree and wanted her to be his bride…wth, he’s even tried to kidnapped her at first but she was protected by the twins, good job you two ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ) But Yomi covered Rin up when tengu try to kill her. He’s got injured. The wound is so bad so he died right there. Rin saw his weapon drop out so she took it and killed herself. Hoho, I think it’s  much more better than Yomi died and Rin still alive~ because like this those two will meet in the other world~


After that, I kept on wanting to enter Asagi’s route-the one I like the most, but I couldn’t. I kept entering bad end. And then I realized that I MUST finished the other’s route first so that I’ll be able to enter Asagi’s route……..wasting of time for nothing. So I continued with Manatsu. Knowing that I’ll always play Sad End first.



*真夏ーManatsu. An idiot who always fail at stopping the bike. Shotacon. Actually is an exorcist.

(really, this chibi scene is so funny LOL) He couldn’t stopped his bike….


The one I got no interested in LOL. But then his sad end was even more sad than Yomi’s. He and Rin loved each other in the past. Those two share a fate that Rin will always died when those two meet each other(?!) The dream-eater(Baku) will come and eat her dream then she will die, it’s keeping going on like that forever. But in the Bad end, she was told that by Baku and then Rin destroyed her soul-fire by herself. And Baku said she’ll die and can never be reborn again but she agree about that if that Manatsu won’t be sad about her death anymore. Then Manatsu was told that by Baku, he’s totally desperate and tell Baku to kill his soul too because he can’t live a life that he knows he’ll never meet the one he loves anymore.


Hoho, in his route, I keep seeing Gin-san and Tsuzuri so much~ That make me really want to play Gin’s route. Ah, there is a part in Manatsu’s pass, he was the one who helped and named the fox “Gin”. Gin was still a fox that time and he keep “kyuu~kyuu” so cute XD

Best end, start from the part Rin fainted in the forest. A week later she wakes up after the dream that Baku let her see. She jump out of the bed and go to find Manatsu. He was near the sakura tree with Baku. Baku tried to kill her but Manatsu covered her up. She said Baku don’t have to worry because she is happy now. So actually Baku is Manatsu(1000 years ago) so they talked and Baku’s gone. Manatsu and Rin hug each other and talked a bit then kiss~~Then a day she’s got a cold, Manatsu take care of her~ icha icha again……Then they go to see sakura. End.



*萩之介ーHaginosuke. Bright-idiot. Interested in ayakashi but can’t see them.

Good guy but such a lone, then I found him cuter than I think so I quite expecting his route gotta be cute. Always saying that he wants to meet ayakashi. But there is Uta and Yomi in front of him and he never noticed(because anytime Uta almost say it out and Yomi always there kicked him~) In his route, he tells Rin about his past. His mother died in a car accident, the driver is his father(still alive but also injured badly). His sister who haven’t been born was named Sakura. He found out later thanks to Rin and knew that Sakura was saved by an ayakashi and was raised by an old man(human who can see ayakashi).

In good end, Hagi told Sakura that he is her brother, she didn’t believed and try to kill those two. They ran to the forest. Then he’s cover Rin up and got injured. Thats when Uta and Yomi come and help, Hagi remembered what Manatsu taught him before(how to deal exorcist an ayakashi?!). His sister came back to normal. Someday later, Sakura came and apology, then she finally call him “oniichan~” (Ô v Ô) After that Hagi tell her to come meet father and Rin said she’ll go home but before that, she gave him a birthday present. Hagi suddenly kiss her then saying that is “thank-you-gift” (you lovely-dovey couple =.= but I enjoyed it~) Nothing special in the end.

They all lovely-dovey outside Ponpokorin. Uta and the others watching them inside LOL

In sad end, just a small different. Eh?! I forgot.

After Asagi’s route, there is Hagi’s best end. It’s a little different. They take a ride on a sakura road. And Hagi suddenly yell out “I’m happyyyyyyy~”. The CG is pretty~



*蘇芳ーSuou. A lazy cat. Kotatsu lover.


Annoying way of talking brat. Dis-honest about his feelings at first. In his route, he’s got attached to Rin and following her(everywhere?! well, almost.) When the winter come, he’s always found lazying inside the kotatsu at Ponpokorin. Got jealous that Rin met a third year sempai who also interested in books like her. Then tell her not to talk with him anymore. The day later that sempai’s found badly injured and at hospital. Uta and Yomi said that his injured was cause be an ayakashi after they went to the hospital, and it was nekomata’s fault. They doubt that it’s Suou’s doing. Then when Rin asked if it was him, he said yes. When the twins ask her, she covered him up and said that it was not his doing. But the twins finds that she is weird so they’re going to find Suou to ask him. Those 4(included Hagi) goes find Suou. Rin met a cat but that was an ayakashi, somehow she fainted and was found by Suou, andhe took her to his house. When I saw his house in the mountain, I almost cried….>< Then Suou almost kill her by strangled her neck when they’re talking. But then give up….this scene is so sad…..just when I thought Manatsu’s bad end was that sad but Suou’s is even more….And then…BAMM……the story continue that Rin wants to be with Suou and this lazy-cat teach her how to survival in the mountain by teach her how to get food…..and they’re playing while trying to catch fishs in the river….Later Suou take her home but the other nekomata found them and try to eat Rin up, Suou protected her.


In the sad end, Suou get killed by the nekomata and Rin was saved by Uta+Yomi. She’s sad and come to the forest and met that nekomata. They talking a bit about Suou and he said he’s going to help her not to sad about that anymore. And then suddenly kill her. A red screen appear and then, END!! WTF, that’s all? are you kidding me??? an ridiculous ending I ever played……(really, Mejojo’s end even better than this…….)

Good end, those two got saved by Uta and Yomi. Uta, really, I always appreciate your help!!! Well then they became icha icha….End with no scene…no kiss…..Suou want to learn human’s everyday so he came to Ponpokorin and help doing chores(laugh) Then drawings with Tsuzuri~

Best end[My number one guy], the name is great, haha. so that one day Suou come to Rin’s room from….the window and get inside the blanket. Telling Rin to get in too……..They lay down together. As I remember they said about kissing thing. Suou said that when he want to do it he’ll say it so Rin won’t be surprise. And then Uta come in saw those two and get mad(jealous I think =w=). So now Rin realized Suou is her number one.(remember when Rin is at Suou’s house he said he want Rin to think him as her no.1 because Rin is his no.1)



*謡ーUta. Meat lover(Eat more vegetables!!). Too loud. Tsundere idiot.


The one I don’t want to enter his route the most, I think?! I always feel so weird when it’s his screen time. When there was when his close to me, I even yell at the computer telling him to look away….(no, don’t look at me, I don’t want you, no) yeah, weird. He is the one who told Rin to expression her own feelings. Tell her to get angry when she’s mad. That was a great help. Rin starts open more to the other. Well, Uta really likes an older brother(yes he is..WHY SO KIND!!!) There was a girl in class who like Uta. She starts making cookies, cake and give to Rin. So of course the other gonna eat with her. Then one day she found out that that girl like Uta so she starts acting weird. Even yelled at him.

In sad ending, when she’s try to make up with him by making dinner with a lot of meats but he didn’t came home. And suddenly she heard the twins bell(Uta take one and Rin take another so that if who’s in dangerous then the other will know) ring, Yomi and Rin went to find Uta. Found out that Uta might be fighting with an Oni, Yomi tell her to go to Uta and he’ll fight the Oni. They made a promise that Rin will come to Uta and after fought the Oni he’ll come back safe. So she ran to find Uta but got caught by the Oni. Somehow she’s fell and found Uta. He use his power to cure Rin’s wound, sad, hugging her then pull her out. Told her to go away, get out of this village, he and her is different since he is an ayakashi and she’s just a human, they can’t be together. She’s finally get up and make Uta promise that she’ll get out of this village but he must come back to ponpokorin safe. So she went away. After that Uta jump out and fight the Oni, but got killed…………..The end is when Yomi’s talking with Kamisama near the sakura tree. Yomi said he will never trust human again. Because Uta died just to save a human(Rin)…..haah….I don’t really like this end, Uta is just too kind TT TT I just don’t want him to die. But if he’s alive and the heroine died then it’s will be desperate to him even more so this is fine.

In the best ending, start when Uta tell her to get out of this village. But she was just go to Ponpokorin and tell Gin-san then comeback when Uta almost get killed. Shes lure the Oni away but still get caught. Then Uta appear in komainu form and defeated the oni. He fainted later. A week later, when Rin was dreaming about the sakura tree and saw someone crying under the tree, Uta woke her up. They talked a little bit, just when I thought they gonna kiss and then……their stomach complained…….haizz, so waste….So, they come to the shrine to tell Kamisama that they’re now lover and Kamisama say it’s okay. After that they sat near to the shrine because Uta said he has something to give Rin, it was the bell that she’s lost in the forest. He found it  so he gives it to her again. The Uta suddenly said “C-Can I touch you?” (this is when I’m start going crazy, WHAT!! T-TOUCH WHAT!! NO!! but okay…..) He said he want to touch her hair and cheek~(that is fine…..okay, feel free to touch ><) At the end, he said this is like a dream that he can stay with her with a sad face…..(exactly like at Yomi’s end….what the hell, they just keep talking about this dream, that dream….what’s with dream??!)

Good end, start when Uta wake up and they talked a bit. Then they noticed the other two is outside the room LOL this part Tsuzuri was so cute =w= They eat dinner then Uta goes to the yard with Rin. She’s cold so Uta told her to get close to him, she told him “I like you”, of course this tsundere would blushing and say that he like her too~(yay finally~) Then she slept while standing and Uta kissed her!!!!


Then I thought if I play Asagi’s route I will understand. So mysterious. So I start playing Asagi’s route.



*浅黄ーAsagi. My love. Too mysterious, like to tease.


After playing it, I decided I won’t write anything about his route. If you want to know, I recommend you play it before reading any review. Because his route is so good so it will goes to waste if you don’t play it yourself.





Final thought

First. I-I want Tsuzuri as my son, can’t I just take him?! He’s so cute!! In omake mode, the designer drew some different hairstyles for the characters and Tsuzuri is just so cute with any style!!!!! I wished they made Gin’s route. Just one is fine…….Isn’t it such a waste. He was with the heroine when she was young. It must be really good if the heroine can have some romantic feelings for Gin. So waste *sigh*

From the begin I already wanted to play Asagi’s route so I tried my best and play others first. So that Yomi’s route was the one I didn’t expect much buuuuut actually the best route out of the 5, except for Asagi’s. This is a good game, honeybee did a great job here~ I’ll thankful to them. I kind of expected Suou’s route but somehow it disappointed me. When playing others route, Asagi keep appear and disappear, some kind of creep?!(laugh) The scene that Suou strangled Rin’s neck, I was spoiled when searching for the game……….

I always wanted to keep a distance from Uta because somehow make me feel weird……I don’t even want him to look at me at those screen times. It still weird after I played his route. But things is getting better and better. Maybe someday I can face him straight!!!(rooting for that day~)

Yaah~ talking about Gin-san….he is untouchable. As I said, there is no route for him (TT TT) His fox-form is so damn beautiful!!!! In Ponpokorin, everyone will say “Otete pacchin” (it’s mean is in the picture above) It just that, the way Gin-san says it is so cute XD.

~I enjoyed those chibi scenes, it’s too cute Ô v Ô


This is a good game and can play in your PC.

I deeply recommend.( ´ ▽ ` )ノ.

七種瑞樹(CV:KENN) ~Missing you~歌詞

Photograph Journey~in Nagasaki~

~Missing You~



君が笑う その澄んだ瞳 気づくまでは

似合わないって言われてもいい かまわない

I’m missing you きっと気づいてたんだ
君がいなきゃダメだって Just say 近くにいたいだって

When I think of you いつも複雑な気分
この胸がもどかしくて でもそれが嬉しくて I love you



伝えたいこと いっばいあるんだよ

I’m missing you どうして離れてんだろう
ここに君がいるなら すぐ抱きしめてKissして

'cos I need you どんなHard Timesも平気さ
時を止めるその瞳で 今 僕をみつめてよ
ふたりだけの秘密にしよう その瞬間

I’m missing you 僕は君が好きなんだ 伝えたいよ

I’m missing you もう気づいてるよ
君がいなきゃダメだって Just say 近くにいたいだって
I’m missing you どうして離れてんだろう
ここに君がいるなら すぐ抱きしめてKissして I love you

I love you,yeah



Let’s see how many ARE US.

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